Investigating the Factors Affecting the Development of Biliary Pancreatitis and Their Relationship with the Type and Severity of Complications

Amirhossein Pirouz, Ehsan Sadeghian, Mehdi Jafari, Reza Eslamian, Fezzeh Elyasinia, Mohammad Ali Mohammadi-Vajari, Ali Ghorbani Abdehgah, Ahmadreza Soroush



Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreatic tissue. Gallstones are known to be the most common cause of acute pancreatitis, especially in eastern countries, including Iran. Pancreatitis, in its course, can cause complications for the patient. Different systems have been identified as predictors of the severity of acute pancreatitis. As a result, we decided to examine the factors influencing the severity of biliary pancreatitis and their relationship with the complications in Iranian society.


The present study is a cross-sectional, analytical study that was performed retrospectively on 160 patients with biliary pancreatitis. The main and dependent variable in this study is the severity of pancreatitis, which is divided into two groups of complications (local complications and systemic complications) and without complications. The necessary information was extracted from the patients' files and evaluated with SPSS software version 22.


Based on the results of single-variable analysis, there was a significant relationship between the patient’s age, sex, Ranson and CRP criteria, and complication of the disease. In the univariate analysis, no significant statistical relationship was found between patients' BMI(Body Mass Index), CBD (common bile duct) size, serum alkaline phosphatase level, gallstone size, and FBS(Fasting blood sugar), and the complications of the disease, based on the multivariate analysis results.


The results of this study showed that four variables of the female sex, stone size, CRP, and high score of Ranson criteria act as independent risk factors in the development of complicating biliary pancreatitis.


Pancreatitis, Complications, Gallstones

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