Solitary rectal ulcer syndrome: A narrative review

Anahita Sadeghi, Mohammad Biglari, Mojgan Forootan, Payman Adibi


Solitary rectal ulcer syndrome is a multifactorial pathology, which entails a variety of clinical, histologic and endoscopic aspects that needs step-wise logical approach for management especially in relapsing refractory cases. Apart from the diagnostic dilemma that may be faced due to similarities of presentation with inflammatory bowel diseases or colorectal neoplastic lesions, the syndrome also overlaps with dyssynergic defecation syndrome, health anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and latent mucosal rectal prolapse, a systematic composite treatment modality including psychological, pharmacological, physiological and possibly surgical interventions are sometimes essential. Selecting appropriate treatment in this condition not only affects clinical outcome but also patients’ experience and further stigma of SRUS life-long. In this review, we will discuss the detailed pathophysiology, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in dealing with solitary rectal ulcer syndrome.


Solitary rectal ulcer syndrome, Inflammatory bowel diseases, Colorectal neoplastic lesions

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