New Presentation of Inlet Patch with Polypoid Kissing Pattern: Case Report

Kamyar Nikbakhsh, Ahmadreza Mojaddad, Javad Shokri Shirvani, Mohammad Ranaee


In the worldwide medical literature, only one case of inlet patch shows a kissing pattern on endoscopy. This article describes a 69-year-old female patient who came to the Gastroenterology Clinic, Rohani Hospital, Babol Medical University (Iran) for an examination for indigestion. Endoscopy showed two polyps in the background of a maroon patch just below the upper esophageal sphincter, oppositely positioned in view of the kissing pattern, and extending into muscular mucosa and regional lymph nodes. There was no A polyp biopsy was performed and, on histological evaluation, there was heterotopic cardiac gastric mucosa. Since heterotopic gastric mucosa can be found anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract, careful examination of the proximal esophagus increases the likelihood of detecting an inlet patch.


Intestinal Polyps, Case Reports, heterotopic tissue

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