The Importance of Hepatitis B Virus Genome Diversity in Basal Core Promoter Region

A Mohammadkhani, G Montazeri, H Poustchi


 Hepadnaviruses employ an unusual strategy for the production of enormous number of virions during replication which makes rapid and substantial genetic sequence changes and alterations. The pathogenesis and clearance of hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection are engaged by the selection and expression of viral mutants dur­ing virus-host interactions. Mutations in regulatory regions such as the basal core promoter (BCP) which is thought to be related to lower production of hepatitis B “e†antigen (HBeAg) directly affects the clinical presentation of liver disease. However, the molecular structure of these mutations in chronic carriers has not been adequately evaluated. In this review we evaluate the molecular aspect and pathologic basis of basal core promoter mutations.


Hepatitis B virus mutation; Basal core promoter; HBV RNA; Protein x

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