Middle East Journal of Digestive Diseases (MEJDD) 2016. 8(2):138-142.

Fever ,Weight Loss and Early Satiety due to Gastric InflammatoryMyofibroblastic Tumor; Case Report and Literature Review
Mohammadreza Mohammad Hoseini-Azar, Marjan Mokhtare, Ali Zare-Mirzaie, Abbas Gholami, Shahram Agah, Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Seyed Mohammad Sad Ghafoori


Gastric inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor (IMT) is a rare tumor with and unpredictable prognosis usually find in young adults. We present an 18-year-old man with gastric IMT. He complained of epigastric pain, intermittent fever and night sweating associated with weight loss since two years ago. Physical examination showed anemic and cachestic features with mild abdominal tenderness in palpitation as well as an abdominal mass in epigastrium. Abdominal CT scan revealed a huge mass that was arising from the stomach. Upper endoscopy revealed a submucosal lesion in fundus of stomach of approximately 8cm. Endoscopic ultrasound showed a large sub-mucosal non homogenous fundal mass with areas of calcification. The patient underwent laparoscopic partial gastrectomy. Histopathologyand immunohistochemistryevaluation revealed an IMT.


Stomach, Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor, Fever, Weight loss

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